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Seven Steps From Humanity Notes and Information

7 Steps From Humanity
By dream-edge

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Summery: VENJIX’s army wasn’t just machines. We could have handled machines. No. Someone had given VENJIX magic.
Pairings: Summer/Scott, Dillon/Ziggy, Gem/Flynn/Gemma, K/Tenaya
Warnings: Graphic violence/death, attempted non-con, gay sex, threesome

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers RPM or any f the characters. As mentioned in the notes, several of the concepts seen in this story were inspired by Anne Bishop's novels; these concepts, though slightly altered in some ways for the sake of the story, do not belong to me either.
World History: Towards the end of WWII, the non-human races were dying out. Some, such as the dragons and mermaids already had. Deciding to take one last chance, they revealed themselves to the humans that currently ran the world. Although more species died off, the chance worked out and populations once again boomed as the races intermarried. Eventually, pure bloodlines died out as the races became completely interconnected. Technology began to work side by side with magic, though so far it was impossible to merge the two.
Current Events: Four years ago, a computer virus called VENJIX leaked on to the INTERNET and slowly ate away at the technological side of the world. Within two years, technology had completely collapsed, except for a few isolated systems. Within months, the virus had built an army in abandoned factories around the globe, unnoticed by the world as governments struggled to stabilize countries gone half-mad with the technological collapse.
                 In one quick swoop, VENJIX attacked, occupied, and destroyed all human life with the upper northern hemisphere, including Canada, most of Russia, and the Norwegian countries, as well as the states of Washington, Michigan, and Maine. The whole world sat in shock as a horror they hadn’t even imagined became reality. The machine army, which had systematically brought their technology to its knees, had magic.
                 Knowing VENJIX wouldn’t stop at borders, governments called together its best magic-users and military leaders. Together they decided on a course of action for both military personal and civilians. While the military held the line against VENJIX, civilians retreated to specially guarded cities, protected by rune-wards that would prevent anyone with the VENJIX taint from passing through.

Notes: This work is heavily influenced by Anne Bishop’s books, having been first brought into existence while reading her Ephemera series and now contains several references to all of her works. I specifically remember that the term woodland eyes came from her Pillars of the World series while Psychic scent and the idea of the Dea al Mon -although I have changed that slightly- are lifted from The Black Jewels series. She is an amazing story telling, her worlds are rich and vivid, sometimes heart-breaking and sometimes horrifying, and I eagerly recommend her books to all dark fantasy readers. Seriously, I’ve read the first Black Jewels trilogy like five times

Common Terms:
            Part One
        Chapter 1: Psychic Scent: much like the aura, a psychic scent is a presence that can be mentally felt. Through this, one can identify race, sex, identity, and current, strong emotions. Despite being called a scent, the sense of smell is rarely used in description of one. It is instead called a scent because of the way it emanates outward from the body, sinks into objects a person touches, and because of how the Predator races react instinctively to it by sniffing a person.
                   Woodland Kin: one of the common groups of races, categorized by the earth-like feel of the races’ psychic scent. Also classified by the races’ woodland eyes.
                   Woodland Eyes: hazel-like eyes only found within the woodland kin.
                  Demon Kind: another group of races, classified by a dark psychic scent, red or gold eyes, and all of the races needing to feed on another race for survival.
                   Recessive Bloodline: a primary bloodline that went dormant within a family for generations before suddenly reappearing.
                   Predator Race: one of the categories for the races; predator breeds are designated as such, not because they are fighters-though most of them are-, but because a part of their consciousness still belongs to the wild, and they are prone to acting and reacting solely on instincts, making them sometimes seem animal-like.
                   Passive Race: one of the categories for the races; these races are uniformly not built for battle and are more removed from their instincts than the predator races, making them not as wild as the Predator races
        Chapter 2: Cold Rage: an anger that has a physical affect on the world, causing temperatures to drop or frost to form. Only Predators are capable of going cold and very little can stop them until the rage dies out. However, all sources of the rage tend to be dead before the rage dies, along with anyone who gets in the way.
                   Pack Race: another category for the races; Pack breeds are fiercely protective, territorial, and sometimes possessive. All Pack races are monogamous once mated. However, most Pack races tend to be very loose with sexual relationships until they choose a mate.
                   Pack: A group of people defined by their connection to one person who is from a Pack race. The members of the group do not have to consider each other Pack, though they tend to. Pack consists of friends, family, and lovers, and is more than all three.
        Chapter 3: Blood wine: A mixture of animal blood and wine, used as a substitute for Vampires. However, human blood is needed after a few weeks. Best if kept cold.
            Part Two
        Chapter 2: Shape-shifter:  Another group of races, classified by their ability to change their form, usually to that of an animal. Normally only has two or three fixed forms.


Witch: Passive Race
      Woodland Kin

      One of only two races that has magic, Witches tend to connect with one of the four Earth branches of magic instead of the psychics, though this is not a certainty. Though their psychic scent identifies them as Woodland Kin, many believe they are also from the Human Races.
Human: Passive Race
      Human Race
      The weakest of all the races.
Fae:   Predator Race
      Woodland Kin

      The Fae are the second race to have magic. Note: The Fae are not to be confused with Faeries, a race which unfortunately was destroyed when VENJIX took over. The Fae more resemble the Fair Folk, from which Faeries were descended.
Vampire: Predator Race
      Demon Kind
      Vampires feed on blood, though the blood wine will sustain them for a while.
Harpy: Predator Race
      Pack Race
      One Sex only
The Harpy bloodline appears only in females and will skip over all male children, instead being replaced by what would be the minor bloodline in the females.
Dea al Mon: Predator Race
      Pack Race
      Woodland Kin
Dea al Mon are resistant to magic and can smell it. They do actually have claws much like a Harpy’s, but they can sheath them. A Dea al Mon will always carry more than one knife, will always go for the throat, and will only use their claws if they have no choice. Those who see a Dea al Mon’s claws never will to tell about it.
Lord/Lady of the Woods: Predator Race
      Woodland Kin

      A Lord or Lady of the Woods have a dual nature, being either the Green Lord/Lady or the Hunter/Huntress.

Berserker: Predator Race
      Pack Race
       Berserkers are known for their amazing talents in battle. Rumor says that a Berserker knows instinctively how to use every weapon, though this isn't true. Berserkers are bound up in their Pack, more so than any other race. 

Selkie: Passive Race
      Selkies have the ability to change from a seal to a human and back again as long as they have the seal skin with them.

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